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This online language converter is designed for 100% free and highly accurate conversion of English text into Arabic. Arabic is one of the toughest languages to master. Though there are hundreds of online language converters available for translation in Arabic it is very tough to select the one that maintains good accuracy.

On this page, we have an online language translator for the translation of English text into Arabic. This translator is based on brilliant language translation technologies and excellent language translation assets. Hence, you will get extremely fast and highly accurate translation results. You can convert up to 2000 text characters at once from English to Arabic.

Put your English text in the upper box and click the ''translate'' button to get it converted into Arabic. You can copy this converted Arabic text, save it as a text file, or can print it.

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Arabic To English

There are thousands of languages that are spoken by different people in different regions of the world. Among these languages, some are easy to learn and some are tough to master. The Arabic language is one of those languages which is tough to master. But still, hundreds of millions of people are linked with this language. If you are willing to translate English text into Arabic then this online language converter is perfect for you. It is based on highly professional language translation technologies and assets. It is a user-friendly language converter. It gives you very fast and reliable language translation results.

English is the input language of this converter and Arabic is the output language. English is a globally spoken and the most important language in the world. While Arabic is a Semitic language. It is the most dominant language in the Arab world. It has around 640 million speakers from all over the world. While the Holy Quran is also written in the Arabic language which is the most-read book in the world. It is mainly spoken in the Arab world and also has millions of speakers from other regions of the world. This language emerged in the 1st century and was classified into two dialects which are Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. MSA is the most spoken variety of Arabic and is the official language of 26 Arab countries. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations (UN).

How many countries have Arabic as an official language?

About 26 countries use Arabic as an official language.

Is this English to Arabic language converter free to use?

Yes, this language converter is 100% free to use and provides highly accurate translation results.

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