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This is an online language converter designed for extremely quick and highly accurate 100% free English to Bengali language translation. Though there might be hundreds of English-to-Bengali language converters still this online language converter is ahead of all those in terms of accuracy and reliability. It is dependent on dependable language translation technologies, a powerful machine language engine, reliable web APIs, artificial intelligence, and many language translation assets. This is why this English-to-Bengali language converter produces highly accurate and very fast translation results.

It is an easy and straightforward user-friendly language converter. Just Paste/type your English text in the first box and click the ''translate'' button. The English text will be instantly converted into Bengali. You can convert up to 2000 characters at once.

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Nowadays, Online language converter is the go-to way for most people for language translations. Online language converters are preferred most because these are free to use, give translation results within seconds, and are also easy to use. Not all online language translators are accurate. But this language converter is highly accurate and gives you a translation of given English text into the Bengali language in no time.

English is the input language of this language converter. It is the most spoken & no.1 language in the world. This is the official language of around 60 countries of the world. It has around 1.5 billion global speakers. Bengali is the output/target language of this language translator. Bengali is an Indo-Aryan language & also named Bangla. It is the official and most spoken language of Bangladesh country as 98% of the country's population speaks Bengali as their first language. This language is mainly spoken Bengal region of South Asia. With over 300 million native speakers, it is the 5th most spoken native language in the world. It also has around 38 million non-native speakers around the globe. With a total of 338 million speakers, this is 7th most spoken language in the world.

What is best English to Bengali language converter?

This online language translator from Typingtranslate.com is perfect for accurate and fast language conversion of English text into Bengali. It is 100% free and does not cost you a penny at all.

What is the %age of Bengali speakers in Bangladesh?

Almost 98% of Bangladesh's population speaks Bengali as their first language.

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