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Convert your English text into the Dutch language with this online converter. Write down or paste English text in the first box given for the English language click the button given below it to translate the given English text into Dutch. Your translated content in Dutch will be shown in 2nd box of this translator. You can save this Dutch text as a new text file as well as can copy or print it according to your need.

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Though plenty of online language translators and translation apps have been introduced for language conversion, it is not a walk into the park to find a perfect and accurate language translator. This online language translator is perfect and gives maximum accuracy for translating English text into Dutch. Moreover, it was quick and easy to use. Just you have to give your text data in the dedicated box for the English language and press the 'translate' button to get your desired translation of your content into Dutch. Copy, print, or save it according to your need.

This online language converter is dependent on the same technologies, methods & assets to ensure the same accuracy and perfection as you enjoy with those Google Translate & Microsoft. This language translator is used to change any text from the English language to the Dutch language. This translator is quite easy and accurate. This language converter ensures excellent translation results. Only clicking on the translate button is what can you need to change any English text into the Dutch language. It maintains the high accuracy of the content.

English is an international language that can be spoken all over the world. It is an easy way of communication between people from different countries. Dutch is a West Germanic language and it is spoken by about 25 million people as a first language and 5 million people speak it as a second language. Most of the population of the Netherlands which is the only official language spoken countrywide and about 60% of the population of Belgium speak the Dutch language. The grammar of the Dutch language is very difficult. Dutch is the easiest language in the country. It is the official language of Flanders and the national language of Suriname, Aruba, and the Caribbean.

What is the accuracy rate of this translator?

The average accuracy rate for all the translators offered by this website is 72% for colloquial phrases while it is 96% for the translation of literal text & 94% for business websites.

How many people speak Dutch language?

About 30 million people speak the Dutch language (25 million use this as their first language and 5 million use it as a second language).

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