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This is an online language translator for the conversion of given English text into the Filipino language. It is quite easy to use. You can paste or write your text in the first box and one click on the 'translate' button will do the rest to convert your given text from English to Filipino. Converted text can be easily saved as a file, and can copy or print it.

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Filipino To English

This language translator is designed to change the given text, word, or phrase from English to Filipino. This translator is quite easy, straightforward, accurate & super-fast. A single tap on the translate button is what you need to translate English text content into Filipino. You can acquire excellent translation results. It maintains high accuracy of translated content. It includes English and Filipino language.

The English language is a global language that can be spoken all over the world. It is the easiest way of communication between people from different countries. English is an international language. The English language plays an important role in human connection. Filipino is an Austronesian language and it is the national language of the Philippines. Filipino is an agglutinative language but it can also display inflection. It is one of the major languages spoken in the Philippines and also it is the mother tongue of the people in the Tagalog region. This language is used in formal education throughout the country.

Can I translate from Filipino To English?

Yes, this page is to translate English to Filipino but you can switch to Filipino-to-English by clicking on the link given below the second box of this page. Or you can go to the main page of this site>translation page> and search for Filipino to English translator

Is English to Filipino translator easy and accurate?

Yes, this translator is quite easy and straightforward. It relies on Google Translate & Microsoft APIs and powerful Machine language assets to ensure highly accurate content at a lightning-fast speed.

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