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Do you have any text, phrase, or paragraph in English & wanna change it in the Ilocano language? This online translator can do the job for you for free and with high accuracy. It is a super-fast language translator, very straightforward, and easy to use. So give your English text in the first box offered for the English language. Change this text from English to Ilocano by clicking the 'translate' button. As this is a super-fast translator, it will instantly change the text. You can copy, print, or save the translated text.

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Are you in need of a language translator that could accurately change the given text content from English to the Ilocano language? This language translator is perfect for this regard. It is quite quick & accurate. It is easy to use. You can translate the English text into Ilocano with ease & accuracy. Two languages are included in this translator. The first one is English while the second is Ilocano. English is a global language and is extensively used throughout the world. It is the most important language in the world and has the most number of speakers from all across the world.

Ilocano is an Austronesian language spoken in the Philippines, mainly by the Ilocano people, and also a lingua-franca used among people of the Igorot people. The language is the third most spoken native language in the country.

As an Austronesian language, it is closely associated with Malay (Indonesian and Malaysian), Tetum, Chamorro, Fijian, Maori, Hawaiian, Samoan, Tahitian, Paiwan, and Malagasy. This language is closely related to several languages, including the Austronesian languages spoken in Northern Luzon. It has some similarities in common with Balangao languages and the eastern dialects of the Bontoc Language. The Ilokano people used their native writing system and script, known as the Kur-itan script. There are proposals for reviving the Kur-itan script by teaching the Ilokano majority in private and public institutions within Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur.

How to say 'How are you' in Ilocano?

The translation of 'How are you?' in Ilocano language is 'Kumusta kan?’ You can convert any phrase or word from English text to Ilocano with this translator.

How many people in the world speak Ilocano language?

Ilocano language has more than 8 million speakers with over 7 million from Philippines and some small Ilocano-speaking communities in neighboring regions.

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