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Free English to Indonesian translator that can translate phrases, words, and text short. To translate the text from English to Indonesian, you need to type in your text in the top given box for English text. Select "Translate" to begin the translation and your content will be changed to the Indonesian language within a few seconds.

To translate the text from Indonesian to English to English, type your text in the edit window and click on the "Translate" button. Then, you can see the Indonesian to English translation on the screen below. The tool can only be used for translating 2000 characters per minute.

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Are you in need of an online language translator that can change your given text piece from English to the Indonesian language? then you are at the perfect place. We hope that this English-to-Indonesian translator will simplify the process of translating English text messages, phrases, words, or even paragraphs into the Indonesian language with great authority, accuracy, and high grammar score.

It is a super-fast online translator and is very straightforward. It can change the text within a second from one language to another. The language included here are English & Indonesian. You all must be very familiar with the English language as it is the most spoken language on this planet earth. It is the most important language and is the global lingua Franca.

The Indonesian language is considered to be the national language spoken in Indonesia. It is part of the branch of Malayo-Polynesian, while the main version is Malay. When Indonesia became an independent nation in 1945, they announced Indonesian to be their national language in the year 1945. Indonesian is spoken in 23 million homes and is also the second language for 140 million. Since most Indonesians are bilingual, they speak at least three other languages.

How much time it takes to convert English text into Indonesian?

This is the quickest language translator among online translators. As you paste or write any text in the first box and click the 'Translate' button, this translator hardly takes a second to convert it from English to Indonesian.

Is there any premium paid version of this online translator?

This translator does not have any paid version and you can use it free for as many times as you want.

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