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Do you want to change the English text to the Italian language? Then this page has a perfect English-to-Italian translator for you. You can translate up to 2000 characters of English text into Italian. It is elementary to use.

Write or paste the English text and click the 'translate' button to get it converted into the Italian language. This language translator is backed by some of the finest language translation technologies, translation assets, and translation resources. Hence, you will get the highest accuracy levels of translation with this language translator.

This is an online platform for language conversion of given English text into the Italian language. This language converter allows you to change up to 2000 characters of English text into the Italian language.

Google translation is limited to 2000 characters. Total Characters: 0
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Are you looking for an online platform for language translation from English to Italian? Then Typingtranslate.com offers you this amazingly awesome language translator. It is very easy to use and gives very accurate language translation results. Here you can translate up to 2000 characters of English text into Italian. Google APIs, Microsoft APIs, artificial intelligence, a plethora of data, powerful machine language technologies, and other reliable translation assets help this language translator to bring very accurate and fine language translation results. You have to paste or write the text to be converted in the upper box and click the 'translate' button. Your text will be converted into the Italian language with accuracy within a second or two.

This language translator has two languages i.e. English and Italian. English is a global language that has the most speakers. While Italian is a Romance language of Indo European family and it is the official language of 4 countries including Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, and Switzerland. Italian is one of the best Romance languages to learn and the Italian language is spoken by around 66,000,000 people. Italian is the easiest language and Italian is the most widely spoken in the country Italy. Italian is spoken by 97.41% of the population in Italy.

How many words are there in Italian language?

The Italian language has around 450,000 words which is one of the biggest plethoras of words for any language. The biggest dictionary organized for the Italian language only covers 270,000 words.

How many letters in Italian alphabet?

There is a total of 21 letters in the Italian alphabet.

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