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It is a free and officially designed English-to-Kannada language converter that quickly produces language translations with high accuracy. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. You can change 2000 English characters into Kannada at once. This language converter depends on highly proficient language technologies. Hence, you get very fast and dependable language translation results.

Provide English text in the first box and get its translation in the Kannada language in the second box with just one click on the ''translate'' button.

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Whether you are from any field of life, you may need to translate any text from one language to another because language translations are often used in different fields of life. If you are in need of an online language converter that can potentially change the English text into Kannada accurately then must try the online language converter given above. It is a super-fast, 100% free, user-friendly & highly accurate language converter.

This language converter involves two different languages. English is the Input language while Kannada is the output language of this language translator. English globally recognized & most-used language. It is spoken by 1.5 billion people and millions of people use it at different levels for different purposes. While Kannada is the most spoken and official language of Karnataka in Southwest India. It has around 47 million native speakers. In addition to these native speakers, around 13 million other people also speak this language. This language also has speakers in other neighboring states around Karanataka.

What is accuracy of online language converters?

Online language converters are totally dependent on machine-based translation which is produced by language machine engines with the assistance of artificial intelligence. The major way of translation is the word-pairing technique in which a word is translated into an equivalent word in the target language. But online language translators do not have grammatical accuracy. Moreover, the words with dual meanings or those words which do not have their counterpart in target language are also mistranslated.

How many people speak English as 2nd language?

This language has around 1.080 billion L2 speakers as of 2022.

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