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This online language translator helps you to convert your English text into the Korean language with accuracy. It is an extremely fast language converter that works in fractions of a second to convert the given text. It is super easy. Here you put the text which is to be converted into the Korean language. You can either write or paste the text. Next, you have to click the 'translate' button. This converter automatically changes the English text into Korean. This translator allows the users to convert 2000 characters in a single go.

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Online language translators are being used worldwide and are hugely appreciated by users. The reason behind the popularity and great use of online language translators is the quick & accurate service of these online language translators. This page also has an online language translator for you that enables you to conveniently convert your English text piece into the Korean language. This is probably the best language translator when it comes to changing English text into the Korean language with accuracy and supremacy. This language translator is specially designed with some very finest language technologies and language translation assets at its back. These technologies and language translation assets enable this online language translator to produce fine quality fast and accurate language translations.

English is the world's most famous and most used language. Almost 1.5 billion people can speak this language and billions of people use this language for a variety of purposes. Korean language also has a great number of speakers but is not as popular as English. More than 80 million people are native speakers of this Korean language. The Korean language is the national language of South Korea as well as North Korea. Initially, it used similar vocabulary in both North & South Korea but the division of both countries and political tensions between these countries have caused a great vocabulary difference in the Korean language among these two countries. The basics of the Korean language remain the same in both countries but there are a lot of vocabulary changes in the Korean language spoken among the countries.

What is difference b/w North Korean and South Korean language?

Korean is the national as well as the official language in both North and South Korea. But political tension and division between these two countries have also affected the Korean language. Hence, one can observe a noticeable vocabulary difference in the Korean language spoken in the two countries.

How many people speak Korean language?

Over 80 million people speak Korean as their first & native language. It is mainly spoken in South Korea and North Korea.

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