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Online translator to convert any given English text into Meiteilon (Meitei language). This translator is empowered by intelligent Machine Language Technologies. It uses Microsoft & Google Translate API for maximally accurate translation results. This translator is very straightforward & extremely quick. You just paste or write your text to be converted in the upper box of this translator. Clicking the 'translate' button will instantly change your text from English to the Meitei language.

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Meiteilon To English

There are over 7000 languages spoken around the globe and you always require to change different text content into different languages for different purposes. There is a huge amount of apps & online translators developed around the world to convert different languages. Most of the apps & online translators do not offer accuracy in translation. The most trusted & accurate translations are provided by Google Translate & Microsoft. This online translator by Typingtranslate.com is also dependent on these two sources. Hence, it provides a very reliable translation of English text into the Meitei language.

This translator is very easy, quick & straightforward. It engages two languages English & Meitei. English is a globally used language. While Meiteilon is a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in the state of Manipur in India. Hence this language is also named as Manipuri language. Overall, this language has about 1.9 million speakers. Most of them live in Manipuri state or the neighboring state of North-Eastern India. There are also some smaller communities of Manipuri Speakers in Myanmar & Bangladesh.

Why online translator better than translation apps?

Online translators are a lot more trustworthy than translation apps because most online translators rely on Machine Language Technologies. This online translator is probably best of all because it not just uses MLT (Machine Language Technologies) but also includes a powerful Lingvanex language machine engine, plenty of data, a lot of trustworthy APIs, artificial intelligence, and many other assistive assets that help this translate to provide quick & easy translations with accuracy.

How many speakers Meitei language has?

This language has around 1.9 million speakers. Most of them are from the Manipuri state of India. Some are also inhabitants of neighboring states. There are also very few communities of Manipuri speakers in Myanmar & Bangladesh.

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