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This is a free, fast, accurate, and secure online language translator for quick conversion of given English text content into the Norwegian language. It is completely free to use. It can change up to 2000 characters of English text content into the Norwegian language in less than 3 seconds. It relies on highly intelligent language machine engines, artificial intelligence, powerful language translation technologies, and reliable Web APIs. These language translation resources are behind this online language converter to ensure a very accurate language translation of given text from English to Norwegian.

It is very easy to use. It requires you to provide the English text by writing it or pasting it into the first box. Once you have provided your text to be converted, click the 'translate' button. Your text will be converted to the Norwegian language instantly. You can copy this converted text, save it as a new text file or print it directly from this page.

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Do you have an English text which is to be converted into the Norwegian language? Are you looking for an English-to-Norwegian language translator? Don't waste your time and try the online English-to-Norwegian language converter given on this page. This language converter is very easy to use as it offers a one-click language conversion system. You just have to paste or write your English text in the dedicated box given for the English language. After putting your text to be converted, just go on to press the button given b/w two boxes to get your text translated into the Norwegian language. A maximum of 2000 characters are allowed to be converted from English to Norwegian at a time. You can convert as many times as you want. This language translator has no restrictions for you and is completely free to use.

This language converter is dependent on some of the finest language translation assets and resources. Hence, you get a very accurate and reliable language translation for your text. There are two languages included in this language translator that are English and Norwegian respectively. English is a very well-known and globally important language. It has the most number of speakers and the most used language in the world. It is used for plenty of purposes and comes into play in almost every field of life. While the second language is Norwegian, which is very little known compared to the globally important English language. The Norwegian language is a North German language and Norwegian is the official language in Norway. The native speakers of the Norwegian language are 5.32 million people. This language also can be written in many forms and it is quite similar to the Spanish language.

Where is Norwegian language spoken?

Norwegian is the official language of Norway country. It is the most spoken language in this country. In addition to Norway, it is also spoken by Swedish, Icelandic, and Danish people to some extent.

How many people speak the Norwegian language?

This language has about 5.5 million speakers all across the globe.

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