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Online language convertor to change your given content from English to the Oromo language. This is a very efficient & effective language converter that translates the content with accuracy at super-fast speed. Just give the English text in the box of English language at the top and press the 'translate' button and your content will be changed to Oromo instantly.

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Oromo To English

Looking for an online converter that could change English content into the Oromo language with accuracy then this online language translator is perfect for you. This is a super-fast, effective & accurate language converter that changes given content within 2-3 seconds with maximum efficiency and accuracy.

This English-to-Oromo language translator has two languages. One is English which is globally famous and spoken all across the globe while the second language is Oromo which is the native language of the Oromo people that live in the state of Oromia. Oromia is a regional state in Ethiopia. This language has a total of over 37 million speakers who mostly live in Oromia, Ethiopia, the Horns of Africa, and other neighboring countries.

How many Speakers does Oromo language has?

Oromo has over 37 million speakers. This language is predominantly spoken in Oromia by the Oromo people. It is also spoken widely in Ethiopia. Over 34% of the total Ethiopian population speaks this language. It is also spoken in the Horn of Africa and other neighboring regions.

How do you use online language translator?

There are a plethora of online language converters available to translate different languages, but typingtranslate.com is one of the best places for language translation. This language translator is easy to use. You just have to select your desired language converter. Open the converter and paste your content to be converted in the upper box. Click on the 'translate' button and your content will be converted instantly.

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