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This online language translator is for free conversion of English text to Persian (Farsi) language. It is very fast and produces translation within a few seconds. It is supported by a powerful machine language engine, reliable language translation technologies, artificial intelligence, Microsoft APIs, Google Translate APIs, and other web APIs, a plethora of data, and many other language translation assets. All these things ensure that you get very accurate English-to-Persian translations.

You can translate 2000 English characters at once with this language translator. It is very easy to use. Paste or write your Persian text in the first box of this translator and click on the 'translate' button. Your English text will be instantly converted into Persian.

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Persian To English

Are you in need of an online English-to-Persian language translator? Then this English-to-Persian online language translator is the best for you. It offers very quick language translation services. It takes just one click on the given 'translate' button to convert the given 2000 English characters to Persian. It is supported by a powerful language machine engine which is assisted by strong APIs of Google translate, and Microsoft, powerful technologies of MLT & RTT, and artificial intelligence. All these things support this language translator to produce very accurate language translations.

This language translator has English as the input language while Persian is the target language. English is a globally known language and the most spoken language in the world. Persian has a great number of speakers in Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and other neighboring countries. It has over 110 million speakers. This language has three standard varieties which are mutually intelligible. These varieties are Iranian Persian which is also known as the Persian language officially, Dari Persian which is now called as Dari language, and Tajiki  Persian which is now officially called the Tajik language.

Where Persian language is spoken?

The Persian language is spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and other countries of the Persian Gulf.

Does this language translator give accurate translation results?

Yes, this language translator is dependent on highly reliable language translation technologies and web APIs which provide highly accurate language translations.

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