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This online translator is designed for the translation of English text, messages, and phrases into Romanian. To translate English to Romanian, enter the English text in the first box and then click on the translate button to start the English-to-Romanian translation.

A maximum of 2000 characters can be translated at once a time. The English-to-Romanian translation provides the most convenient and best online translator. This online translator is accurate and grammatically correct. This free online translation site easily translates English text to Romanian language and you can translate words, sentences, and paragraphs so easily and fast.

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Romanian To English

Do you have an English text piece and wanna change it to the Romanian language? Then go with this online English-to-Romanian language translator. This language translator is super-fast and gives accurate translation results. You just have to provide your English content in the first box and click the 'translate' button and your text will be converted to the Romanian language instantly.

This language converter includes two languages. English is the input language and Romanian is the target language. The English language is an Indo-European language in the West Germanic language group and modern English is spoken all over the world. It is the best way of communication and as well as entertainment. Romanian is the official language of Romania and also the republic of Moldova. Romanian is an easy language to learn. Romania is a beautiful place to live and there beautiful landscapes from the mountains to the black sea have an elegant look. The Romanian language is spoken by stable communities all over the country. It is totally spoken by 28-29 million people as a first language. It is one of the oldest languages

How to translate English to Romanian?

You can translate your English text into the Romanian language with this language translator. Put your English text in the first box of this translator and click the 'translate' button. Your text will be converted into Romanian instantly. You can copy, save or print the translated Romanian text.

How many letters in Romanian alphabet?

There are 31 letters used in the Romanian alphabet. 26 Latin letters from A to Z and 5 other special characters making a total of 31 letters.

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