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This English-to-Telugu language converter is dedicated to producing fast, accurate, and highly reliable language translations. It is simple, swift, and effortless to use. You can simultaneously translate up to 2000 English characters into the Telugu language. It is a very fast language converter that hardly takes one or 2 seconds to change the given English text into Telugu.

There are two dedicated boxes, one for English and the second for Telugu. Paste/type your English text content in the first box of this language translator. Click the 'translate' button. Your converted Telugu text will be shown in the second box instantly. You can copy the converted text, save it as a text file, or can directly print it from this page.

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Telugu is a typical local language in India and is very tricky to master. There are plenty of language converters available for the translation of text content into Telugu language but most of these language converters fail to produce accurate translations because of the tricky nature of the Telugu language. If you are in need of an English-to-Telugu language converter that can accurately change English text into Telugu, then this page might prove very worthy for you. Here we are offering an online language converter that produces professionally accurate language translations of English text into Telugu instantly. This language converter relies on the power of Machine Language Technologies, Real-time Translation Technologies, artificial intelligence, APIs of Google Translate & Microsoft, a plethora of text data, and many more language translation assets. All these help this language converter to convert English text very quickly and highly accurately.

This language converter includes two totally different languages English & Telugu. English is the input language in which you will provide your text to be converted. It is a globally spoken most important language. With around 1.5 billion speakers, this is the most spoken language in the world. It has more second-language speakers than its native speakers which shows the importance and popularity of this language. While Telugu is the target language of this language translator and is a very little-known language. It is mainly spoken in some regions of India. Telugu is the official language of the state of Andhra Pradesh in Southeastern India It is spoken by approximately 70 million people and Telugu is the biggest language in India. The Telugu language is used second by approximately 13 million people and Telugu is the fourth most spoken language in India. The Telugu script is derived from the 6th century and also Telugu is known to be a Dravidian language. Negabu is the first word of the Telugu language and also Telugu is one of the oldest languages in all over the world

Is Telugu language writing easy to learn?

Telugu writing script is very tough and tricky and will take too much effort to master especially for a non-Telugu person.

in which script Telugu language is written?

The Telugu language is written in Telugu script. It is an abugida from the Brahmic scripts family.

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