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This is an online language converter that is designed for the conversion of English text into Urdu. It is a very fast, 100% free, highly secure, and accurate language converter. There are plenty of online English-to-Urdu language converters and dictionaries available but this page has a unique and highly accurate language converter for you. It is a very easy-to-use online language converter.

Paste your English text in the first box of the translator and click the '' translate'' button to change it into Urdu. You can change 2000 text characters at once.

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Online language converters are in great demand and are widely used all over the world because online language translators are time-saving, free to use, easy to use and ensure maximum accuracy. This language converter produces machine-based English to Urdu language translations. Powerful language conversion technologies, language translation assets, and artificial intelligence make this language converter very accurate and super-fast.

English is the input and Urdu is the output language of this language converter. English is the most spoken language as it has the most number of speakers (about 1.5 billion). While Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. It is also spoken in India. In addition to Pakistan and India, it also has plenty of speakers in other countries of South Asia. In total, this language has around 200 million speakers.

Which languages have influenced Urdu most?

Urdu is hugely influenced by Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and some other languages.

How to convert English to Urdu?

Type or paste your English text in the first box of this language converter and get it converted into Urdu with a click on the given ''translate'' button.

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