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English to Uzbek translator provides you easy & accurate online translation service powered by different machine language technologies. We use the power of Google APIs & Microsoft along with many other powerful language translation assets yo to provide accurate language translation of your English text. You can type in your English text, sentences, or phrases in the first box. Then click the "Translate" button to translate your words from English to Uzbek. In just one click you can translate 2000 characters at once with this online translator.

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This English-to-Uzbek language translator is completely free and is very easy to use. It provides you with highly accurate language translations. You just need to provide your English text in the first box of this translator and click or tap on the given 'translate' button. The given text will be converted instantaneously from English to Uzbek. English is a globally known language. It is spoken in the most number of countries and has the most number of speakers globally.

Uzbek, also known as Western Turki, is a Turkic language spoken by Uzbeks. The only official language in Uzbekistan. Uzbek, is expressed as a second or native language by over 44 million people worldwide. It has 34 million native speakers within Uzbekistan, 4.5 million in Afghanistan, and around 5 million across the remainder of Central Asia, making it the second most widely-spoken Turkic language behind Turkish. Uzbek is part of the Turkic language family's Eastern Turkic or Karluk branch. Influences from the outside are Arabic, Persian and Russian. One of Uzbek's most notable differences in comparison to other Turkic

How many people speak Uzbek language?

More than 44 million people across the globe speak this Uzbek language.

Is English to Uzbek translator free to use?

Yes, this Uzbek-to-English language translator is completely free to use.

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