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This online translator is dedicated to changing Meiteilon/Meitei text into the English language. This easy-to-use translator changes the local Indian language Meitei into English. Try this translator now for accurate language translations.

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English To Meiteilon

Language translation is always perfect if translated by a professional human. But most users have a huge amount of content to translate and it can't be done by a human being as it will be very costly and time-consuming. Hence, most people try different online translators or translation apps. But machine-generated translation is not too accurate for different languages. This translator gives maximum accuracy because it is dependent on APIs of Microsoft & Google Translate and uses powerful & smart Machine Languages Technologies & other assistive assets.

So put your Meiteilon/Meitei text in the first box of this language converter and press the 'translate' button to get your given text changed to the English language. The Meiteilon language is commonly called as Meitei. It is also called as Manipuri language. This language is spoken in North-Eastern India and is a Tibeto-Burman language. This language has around 1.9 million speakers living in North-Eastern India as well as in some areas of Myanmar & Bangladesh.

What is meaning of Meiteilon?

Meiteilon means Meitei language. Meitei language is local language spoken in North-Eastern India by over 1.7 million speakers and is also called as Manipuri language.

How many letters in Meiteilon language?

There is a total of 27 letters in the alphabet of this language.

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