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One of the finest online translators for Myanmar to English translation, powered by Google Translate API. This translator relies on Machine Language Technology and Lingvanex to ensure maximum accuracy in translating the given content.

So type or paste your Myanmar content in the first box and click the button given below to convert this Myanmar text into English instantly. The converted content can be used as a new text file and can copy or print it.

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This Online translator relies on the powerful & intelligent APIs of Google Translate & brings a high percentage of accuracy in content translation. It is very secure & easy to use. Put Myanmar content in the first box and click the 'translate' button to get the translation of your content in the English language. The translator works at a rapid speed and translates content instantly with a high accuracy rate. You can copy the translation, print it, or can save it as a text file.

This converter has two languages. i.e. Myanmar & English. Myanmar language is also called Burmese because the country Myanmar is also known as Burma. Burmese is the Lingua Franca & official language of Myanmar country. It is the native language of the Burmans (people of Burma i.e. Myanmar). In addition to Myanmar, this language also has speakers in Bangladesh & Northeast India. English is an internationally spoken language that has speakers in every region & country of the world. This is the basic Lingua Franca of this world.

How many Speakers Myanmar language has?

There are many indigenous languages spoken in Myanmar but Burmese is the official language of the country and the Lingua Franca of Myanmar. This language has around 33 million people as first language speakers while 10 million as second language speakers in 2007. But in 2022, this language has around 38.8 million speakers overall.

How Burmese & Myanmar language are same?

Myanmar is a country also named Burma. The biggest ethnic group of this country is Burman and their native language is Burmese. Burmese is spoken by most of the people in Myanmar and is the official language as well as the Lingua Franca of the Myanmar country. hence, Burmese is also named as Myanmar language or the official language of Myanmar country.

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