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This is an online language converter for free and easy English-to-Urdu conversion. It is a very simple but very powerful language converter. This language translator provides you with instant and highly accurate 100% free language translation of any given Urdu text into English. You can translate up to 2000 Urdu characters into English.

Type/paste your Urdu text in the first box given for the Urdu language and click the ''translate'' button. Your converted text will be shown in the second box. You can copy, print, or save it.

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English To Urdu

Urdu and English are totally different languages and have different vocabulary & grammar. Hence, most online language converters produce mistranslations and grammatical errors. But this language converter keeps all those mistranslations and grammatical errors at the far end so that you acquire the required translation results. Highly dependable language translation technologies (RTT & MLT), APIs of Google Translate, artificial intelligence, plenty of text content, and many other reliable language translation assets assist this language converter to produce instant and accurate translations of Urdu text into English. With this language converter, you can change 2000 Urdu text characters at once.

Urdu is the input language of this translator. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. It is also spoken in India. In addition to Pakistan and India, it also has plenty of speakers in other countries of South Asia. In total, this language has around 200 million speakers. While English is the output language. It is the most spoken language across the globe. It has around 1.5 billion speakers.

How many dialect Urdu language has?

Urdu has four varities that are Modern Vernacular Urdu, Dakhni, Dhakaiya, and Rekhta.

How to convert Urdu into English?

Provide your Urdu text in the upper box of this Urdu to English online translator and click the ''translate'' button to get it converted into English.

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