Armenian Typing

Armenian is one of the less-known languages in the world with just around 5 to 7 million speakers that are also confined to Armenia and a few surrounding areas. Moreover, it is written in its own unique writing script. This less familiarity and unique writing script make it very difficult to type text in this language.

If you are a PC user and willing to type text in this language then you should try our specially designed online tool designed for this language. This online tool given below allows easy and quick text typing. You can type unlimited text and use it easily. The typing instruction along with a brief intro to this language is also given below to make things easier and smoother.

Armenian Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Add an apostrophe: t', p', k', c', r' (or t=, p=, k=, c=, r=)
  • Type = to add a diacritic: z= (or zh), s= (or sh), j= (or jh)
  • Type c= (or c'), c== (or ch), c=== (or ch' or tc)
  • Type e= ou ë


Text typing is the usual routine of every smartphone, PC, or any other device user. Most people type text in their respective mother tongues or in any Globally popular lingua Franca. But one has to type text in some foreign languages for certain purposes. This text typing in a new language is tough, especially for a PC user. In this regard, online text tools are working 24/7 to serve PC users. One can find 100s of text typing tools and platforms for typing text in their desired languages. But not all the platforms guide you that how to type and most platforms do not type accurately as well. In this situation, you look for a reliable text-typing platform. is the best place in this regard. This website has specially built tools developed by a team of expert developers.

Here on this page, we have an online tool for you to type text in the Armenian language. This lets you type text in this language very easily. Typing instructions are also given for your convenience. UI of this online tool is very simple and user-friendly that let you start text typing instantly. There is no typing limit at all and you can type as much text & as many times as you need.

Armenian Language

Armenian is an Indo-European language and it is the official language of Armenia. There are 5-7 million native speakers of the Armenian language and also the Armenian language is widely spoken throughout the Armenian diaspora. The Armenian language was first spoken more than 3000 years ago and also the Armenian language is one of the oldest languages in all over the world.

Writing Script of Armenian Language

The Armenian alphabet is the writing system used for this language.

Where Armenian language is spoken dominantly?

This language is spoken dominantly in Armenia as most of the people speak this as their first language. Moreover, it is the national and official language of this country.

How many letters in Armenian alphabet?

This alphabet consists of 38 letters of which 31 are consonants and 7 are vowels.

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