Azerbaijan Typing

Do you want to type a text piece in the Azerbaijan language? But you don't have this language Keyboard installed on your desktop. Then try our specially designed online Azerbaijani keyboard for your PC. This online keyboard tool is for free text typing in the Azerbaijani language. This software is very easy to use. All the details about the Azerbaijani language and this typing tool are given below so that you can understand better and type better. It has no word typing limits and gives you easy options to save, copy or print the typed text accordingly.

Azerbaijan Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type c=, g=, s= to get ç, ğ, ş
  • Type a=, o=, u= to get ə, ö, ü
  • Type i=, I= to add or delete the point: ı, İ


In this fast and advanced era of the latest technology, everyone wants to perform various tasks quickly. Typing has also become very easy and fast with voice-to-text softwares but if you are willing to type text in Azerbaijan but don't have the voice-to-text feature for this language on your PC then try this online text tool. This page has an online text typing tool for the Azerbaijan language. It allows you to type unlimited text in this language.

Azerbaijani Language

Azerbaijani is a language belonging to the Turkic family Azerbaijani language is spoken in the Southeastern by Azerbaijani people and also it is spoken primarily in Azerbaijan and Southwestern Iran. In 2018 there are 30 million native speakers of the Azerbaijan language. Azerbaijan language is spoken by the majority population in this country and the Azerbaijan language is the official language of Azerbaijan.

Writing Script

Different writing scripts are used for this language. In Azerbaijan, it is written in Latin script. The perso-Arabic script is used for this language in Iran & Iraq. In Russia, this language is written in Cyrillic script while in Georgia, it is written in Georgian script.

How many people speak Azerbaijani language?

This language is spoken by around 30 million people and most are native speakers of this language.

How many letters in Azerbaijani language?

This language has a total of 32 letters.

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