Berber Tifinagh Typing

This is an online typing tool for Berber Tifinagh typing. Berber Tifinagh is writing script used to write a set of languages called Berber languages. These languages are very unfamiliar to the world and have a typical writing script that makes it very tough to write text in these languages, especially on a PC. But this web page will let you type any language text in Berber Tifinagh very easily. You can type unlimited text in your desired Berber language and can use it according to your will by either copying it, printing it, or saving it.

Berber Tifinagh Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type a capital letter for the special characters: D, H, K, R, G, S, T, Z
  • Type the capitals A for ɛ et G for ɣ
  • Type x for kh and c for sh
  • Type w= (or v) for w
  • Type = to change a character: b=, g=, d=, D=, x=, h=, r=, s=, c=, z=


Do you wanna type text in Berber Tifinagh? We have designed an online tool for free and fast text typing in Berber Tifinagh script. You can type unlimited text free of cost with this online tool given on this page. Berber Tifinagh is actually a writing script used for writing Berber languages. Berber is a set of closely related languages mainly spoken in North Africa. These languages belong to the Afroasiatic language family. This writing script consists of 33 letters.

How many letters in Berber Tifinagh script?

This writing script consists of 33 letters.

How many languages are written in Berber Tifinagh script?

This writing script is used for writing 40 different Berber languages.

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