Catalan Typing

Do you have to type text in the Catalan language with an online tool? Then this web page is specially designed for this purpose. It let the user have unlimited text typing in this language. It is a simple & straightforward tool that helps you to start typing straight away. You can easily copy, print, or save the typed text.

Catalan Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type a=  e=  i=  o=  u=  to add an acute accent: á é í ó ú ; a==  o==  to add a grave accent
  • Type c= for ç
  • Type ll= for l·l


Billions of humans are living across regions of the world. These people from different regions speak different languages and different writing scripts are used to write these languages. When it comes to writing text, usually people can write in their native language, the national language, the official language of their country, any global language, or in a few other languages. But there are thousands of languages in the world and for writing text in these languages you must require some assistance.

Usually, people get assistance from online text tools. If you are in such a case and willing to type text in the Catalan language then this page is perfect for you. Here you can type unlimited text in Catalan. It is a free text tool and very easy to use. You can type text and use it very easily by copying it, printing it, or saving it as a file.

Catalan Language

Catalan is an Indo-European language and it is the official language of Andorra and also it is the official language of three autonomous countries in Eastern Spain. Native speakers of the Catalan language are approximately 4.1 million people and the total number of speakers are 9.2 million people. Catalan is a distinct language from Spanish and it is closely related to the Spanish and the Occitan languages of Southern France.

Writing Script of Catalan Language

Latin writing script with the Catalan alphabet is used to write this language.

How many native speakers of Catalan language?

This language has around 4.4 million native speakers.

How many letters in Catalan alphabet?

It consists of a set of 26 letters.

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