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The Chinese language is the second biggest language in the world with around 1.38 billion speakers. Chinese is the world's number one language when it comes to native speakers. Such a huge number of speakers and global importance caused to develop100s of online platforms and tools for this language. These online tools & platforms are providing various services to users regarding the Chinese language.

One of the most used and demanded assets for the Chinese language is the Chinese typing tool. Though there are hundreds of online tools providing online typing services for this language the tool given on this page is probably the best one. This tool is designed for fast, convenient, and free-of-cost text typing in this language. You can type unlimited text and can easily use it by copying it, saving it, or even printing it directly from this page. Basic instruction for Chinese typing and an intro to this language is given here.

Chinese Typing


For the character ü, type or or

The characters are classified in order of frequency.

More than 9 000 Chinese characters can be typed with the Chinese keyboard.


Online tools are making various tasks much easy for people. Today, a great diversity of online tools is serving the public in a variety of fields. PC users are one of those communities that very frequently use a variety of online tools to perform different tasks on a PC or desktop. Text typing is also one of those tasks for which PC users are heavily reliant on online tools. If you are one of those PC users and are looking for an online tool for typing text in the Chinese language then this page has an online tool designed by experts for fast and easy text typing. This typing tool will let you type unlimited text in the Chinese language with ease. It is 100% free to use and allows you to copy, save or print your typed text.

Chinese Language

Chinese with around 1.38 billion speakers is the second most spoken language after English. In terms of Native speakers, this language is the world's number one language with over 1.35 billion native speakers. Chinese is not a single dialect rather it is a group of 7 closely related dialects. Its Mandarin dialect has over 800 million native speakers making it the most spoken native language form in the world. These Chinese dialects make together the Sinitic branch of languages which is part of the Sino-Tibetan language family.

Writing Script of Chinese Language

All the dialects of the Chinese language are written with Chinese characters.

How many dialects of Chinese language?

This language has 7 to 13 varieties.

Which is most spoken dialect of Chinese language?

Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken form of the Chinese language.

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