Coptic Typing

For PC users, typing text must be a daily routine task. If you are also a PC user and need to type text in the Coptic language then we have an online tool for you. You can use this tool for unlimited text typing instantly. There are no words limit at all. This tool is completely free to use and does not require any page setup. Basic typing instructions are pointed out below to make typing easy and fast. A brief introduction to the Coptic language is also given. Moreover, you can use your typed text with multiple options.

Coptic Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type j for ē
  • Type w for ō
  • Type s_ for 
  • Type hh for ϧ (H)
  • Type d_ and t_   for d and ti
  • Type c for ch
  • Type = to get a stroke above the character:
    a= for ⲁ̄ (macron)
    a== for ⲁ︤ (combining macron half right)
    a=== for ⲁ︦ (combining conjoining macron)
    a==== for ⲁ︥ (combining macron half left)
  • Type ' to add a grave accent


It is the era of powerful, fast, and reliable technology assets. PC/desktop is one of those technology assets that everyone needs. Every PC users use his PC almost every day for different sort of purposes. Typing text is one of the most frequently performed tasks for PC users as every PC user has to type different texts for various purposes. Mostly a PC user has to type text to give input commands to the PC, search or browse anything, for social text-chatting, type educational notes, business assignments, and many other such typing purposes.

Most users type text in their own native languages or a global language used by the keyboard of the PC  but sometimes users do require to type text in different foreign languages. For that purpose, users head to online text-typing keyboards and platforms. is one the best platform for that purpose. On this page, we also have an online tool specially designed for free and fast online text typing in the Coptic language. It let the users type unlimited text for free.

Coptic Language

Coptic is not a single language rather it is a family comprised of closely related language dialects. It is a historical language that has no more native speakers today an only confined to some writing purposes.

Writing Script

This language has its own writing script that is called Coptic script.

For which purpose Coptic language is used?

It is used as the liturgical language in Churches.

How many letters in Coptic language?

A set of 32 letters is used to write text in the Coptic language.

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