Finnish Typing

Finnish is the national and official language of Finland. If you are willing to type text in the Finnish language on your desktop/PC, then you can do it in two ways. You can either go to ''Language Setting'' on your PC and select the Finnish as typing language or you can also try online Finnish typing tools. Setting up Finnish as your input language may take time and there won't be any sort of typing instruction as well. So I'll recommend you go with an online text typing tool.

As for as the Finnish language is concerned, you won't find a better online tool for Finnish text typing than this online tool. This online tool is professionally developed for text typing in the Finnish language. It allows you to start text typing promptly. There is no word limit at all. Moreover, the typed text can be used in three easy ways you can copy, save, or print it.

Finnish Typing

å carried over from the Swedish alphabet, for writing Finland-Swedish proper names.

š and ž occur in some loanwords.



To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type a=  a==  o=  to get: ä å ö


Typing text is the need of every PC/desktop user as most of the users rely on textual input for performing different tasks on their PCs and desktops. Usually, this textual input is in English or your mother tongue. But sometimes you do need to type text in various languages. For that purpose, most users use online text typing tools. If you are a PC user and willing to type text in the Finnish language then this page might prove perfect for you. This tool is free and developed in a professional way. It doesn't have any text typing restrictions. Moreover, basic typing instructions and language intro are also given for thorough understanding and better text typing.

Finnish Language

The Finnish language belongs to the Finnic branch of languages. It is a Uralic language. It is the major language in Finland. It is the official language of Finland along with Swedish. It has around 6 million speakers. Out of these 6 million, around 5.8 million are native to this language. In addition to Finland, it also has speakers from Sweden, Norway, the USA, and Karelia.

Writing Script of Finnish Language

This language is written in Latin script in the Finnish alphabet.

What languages are most closely related to Finnish?

The Finnish language is closely related to Estonian, Votic, Livonian, Karelian, and Ingrian.

Is Finnish language easy to learn?

No, Finnish is not easy to learn. It is considered the hardest European language to learn.

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