French Typing

Whether you are a French speaker or you need to type French text on your PC, we have designed a special online tool for PC users. It is a web-based online tool for typing french text on a PC. This typing software has a simple and straightforward UI that let users get into French text typing straightaway. Corresponding keys of the keyboard for French typing and the use of this typing tool are also provided to get the job done for you with ease. You can as much text and as many time as you need as this tool is completely free and allow unlimited text typing. You can also use your French text with ease as this online software let you copy, save or print your text.

French Typing


  • Type c= for ç
  • Type e=, e==, e===, e==== for é, è, ê, ë and the other vowels with an accent mark
  • Type o+e for œ
  • Type _ for a narrow no-break space


The spaces became automatically narrow no-break spaces for the punctuation marks ; : ! ? « »

To type the French accent marks, you can use and one of these number:


0140 183 182 128 212 144 210 211 215 216 226 235 234 154
œ à â ç è é ê ë î ï ô ù û ü
0156 133 131 135 138 130 136 137 140 139 147 151 150 129
« »  
174 175


Are you willing to communicate via text messages with a French guy or have to type some text in the French language? But your PC does not have a proper French typing setup and you are looking for an online platform to perform text typing tasks in the French language. Try this page, as it has a special online tool for those PC users who wanna type text in French on their PC. You will get full guidance to type text with this French text tool. It is a simple and straightforward text tool that let PC users type unlimited text free of cost. A brief intro to this language is also given. Furthermore, you can copy your French text, print or even save it as a new text file on your PC.

French Language

It is a Romance language and a part of the Indo-European language family. It is a globally known language and has an official state in 29 countries on various continents. It is spoken, used, or taught in 84 countries which are collectively called as OIF (Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie). It has a total of 321 million speakers and only 77 million of them are native speakers of this language. Most of its native speakers are from France. It is also part of the set of 6 official languages of the UN.

Writing Script

It is written in Latin script with the French alphabet.

How many L2 speakers of French language?

This language has over 240 million L2 speakers.

Which language is called European Lingua Franca?

French is also called the European Lingua Franca.

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