Georgian Typing

 If you are willing to type Georgian text then try this specially designed page for this purpose. You can type unlimited Georgian text with this online tool. The typed Georgian text can be used easily. Moreover, this online tool does not require you to install a language keyboard rather you can start typing Georgian text straightaway. You can copy your text, save it or print it.

Georgian Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type the capitals C, G, K, S, Z to get: ch, gh, kh, sh, zh
  • Type the capitals D, T to get: dz, ts
  • Type = or an apostrophe: k', p', t', T', C'


Text typing might be a daily routine work for most of you. Usually, people type text in the language of a keyboard or in their mother tongue. But there are thousands of languages spoken in the world by different people. Hence most of the languages are not supported by the keyboard of a PC or any other sort of device. Therefore people use online text typing tools for typing text in various languages. Online text tools are designed to write text in various languages. This page also has an online tool that is designed for users of the Georgian language. This Georgian typing tool allows users to type text in this language with no word limit. This page also contains the basic usage rules of this tool as well as a brief introduction to the Georgian language.

Georgian Language

 Georgian is the Lingua franca and the official language of Georgia. It is a Kartvelian language and probably the most widely spoken among Kartvelian languages. Around 87% people of Georgian speak this language. It has around 4 million speakers and 3.7 million of them are native Georgian speakers.

Writing Script of Georgian Language

The Georgian language has its own writing script which is named Georgian script.

What is unique about Georgian language?

This language has its own unique writing script which differs from all other languages. Moreover, it is one of the oldest known languages spoken on planet earth.

How many letters in Georgian alphabet?

Originally Georgian was written with a set of 38 letters but its alphabet was modified in 1860. Now, this Georgian alphabet has 33 letters.

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