Hausa Typing

On this page, we have a free, fast, and reliable Hausa text typing tool that will help you to type Hausa text with ease. This text tool is user-friendly and 100% free to use. It does not waste time as it does not require setting up typing platform and allows you to start typing Hausa text straightaway. Furthermore, you can use your Hausa text very easily with three different options. You can copy it, print it, or can save it as a file.

Hausa Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type b=, d=, k= to add a diacritic mark


In this advanced era of the internet, people are highly dependent on the internet. They use the internet for various sorts of purposes. Plenty of tasks are there that every PC user has to perform on daily basis. Typing text is also a task that every person has to do every day. Most PC users type text in English or in their mother tongue. But if you have to type text in foreign languages or if your PC does not support text typing in your mother tongue then it becomes difficult to type text on your PC. In this case, users head to the internet to find some solution.

Online typing tools are probably the best way to type text in various languages. If you are a Hausa speaker or you have to type Hausa text but your PC does not support the Hausa language then we have this online tool for you. This is an amazing, fast and free online Hausa text typing tool. It allows you to type unlimited Hausa text for free. Moreover, the typed text is easy to copy, save or print.

Hausa Language

Hausa is a Chadic language and belongs to the Afroasiatic family of languages. The Hausa language is not as popular as English but still has a good amount of speakers. This language has around 95 million speakers overall. It is mainly spoken in Chad and nearby regions.

Writing Script of Hausa Language

It is mainly written in Latin script with the Boko alphabet. Arabic script is also used to write this language to some extent in some regions.

How many letters in Hausa alphabet?

The Hausa alphabet consists of 22 letters of the English language. All the English letters except X, V, P & Q are used in the Hausa alphabet.

Where Hausa language is spoken?

It is mainly spoken in West Africa in Benin, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Chad, Congo, Eritrea, Central African Republic, Germany, Ghana, Niger, Togo, and Sudan.

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