Inuktitut Typing

Thousands of languages are there in the world with distinctive uniqueness. These languages are a lot different from each other in many ways either it is spoken form or written. Hence, different languages are written differently. Usually, a person can write one, two, or a few languages but no one knows the rules of writing different languages of the world. When it comes to typing text on a PC, a PC user also knows to type one or two languages, and also the keyboard supports only one or few languages.

Therefore a user search for such text tools that can enable him to type text in different languages easily and accurately. Online text typing tools are the first priority of most PC users in this regard.

On this page, we have provided a free, fast, accurate, and reliable text tool that will help you to type Inuktitut text. This text tool is user-friendly as it does not waste your time and allows you to start typing Inuktitut text straightaway. Furthermore, you can use your text very easily in three different ways. You can copy it, print it, or can save it as a file.

Inuktitut Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type = to add a diacritic; examples : s=, s==, r=, l=, n=
  • Type aa, ii, uu for a long vowel.


When it comes to typing text on a PC in a language that is not supported by the keyboard of the PC, every person looks for online keyboards for that language. As you know there are over 7100 languages that are currently spoken around the globe. So it is difficult to master such a big amount of languages. Hence, online tools are designed by people of different languages to help users regarding their languages.

This page also has an online tool that is designed to help people in typing Inuktitut text. This tool is perfect for typing the Inuktitut language. First of all, it is specially designed for typing the Inuktitut language. Furthermore, it is completely free, super-fast, highly accurate & reliable, user-friendly, and time-saving. Moreover, there is no word limit at all as the users are allowed to type unlimited Inuktitut text.

Inuktitut Language

 Inuktitut is also called as Eastern Canadian Inuktitut. It is one of the basic Inuit Languages in Canada. It is spoken in Northwest Territories, Nunatsiavut, Quebec, Nunavut, and Alaska. It has around 40000 speakers as per the 2016 census.

Writing Script of Inuktitut Language

This language is mainly written in Inuktitut syllabics.

How many people speak Inuktitut language?

The Inuktitut language has only around 40000 speakers.

Is this Inuktitut typing tool is free to use?

Yes, it is completely free to use and also does not have any sort of word limit.

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