Irish Gaelic Typing

Are you in need of an online Irish Gaelic typing tool? We have designed an amazing online tool for Irish text typing. It can be used by all sorts of devices. Typing text in a foreign language on a PC is always tough but as for as the Irish language is concerned, this tool will make Irish Gaelic text typing very easy. Basic guidelines notes about this typing tool and the Irish Gaelic language are also given on this page. The typed text is also very easy to use as you can copy, save or print it.

Irish Gaelic Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type = to add a diacritic sign, for instance a=, b=…


Online typing tools are getting popular among PC users. PC users type text in their daily routines. But sometimes typing is in a foreign language which is a bit tricky. Text typing in a foreign language is always typical especially for a PC user. But nowadays, PC users use online typing tools for various typing purposes in different languages. Online typing tools make text typing on PC very easy fast and accurate. This page has an online tool for typing the Irish Gaelic language. You can type unlimited Irish text and can use it easily.

Irish Language

The Irish language is one of the oldest language and most historic written languages in the world according to Foras na Gaeilge, Irish is the official language of the Republic of Ireland. It is also named Gaelic. The total number of speakers of the Irish language is around 1.7 million and approximately 170000 people are native to this language. The Irish language is also called Erse, Irish Gaeilge and it is mainly spoken in Ireland.

Writing Script of Irish Language

Irish Gaelic is written in Latin script with the Irish alphabet.

Are Irish and Gaelic same?

Yes, the Irish language is also called Gaelic. Hence Irish and Gaelic are the same as both are the name of a single language.

How many native speakers of Irish language?

This language is spoken by around 170000 people as their native language.

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