Italian Typing

Are you an Italian speaker or willing to communicate with an Italian speaker? But you don't have an Italian keyboard installed on your PC. Then try the online typing Keyboard given for the Italian language on this page. This online text software allows unlimited text typing with ease. The typed text is easy to copy, save or print.

Italian Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type a=, i=, o=, u=  to get an acute accent and type == to get a grave accent


Online tools are diversely used for a variety of purposes mostly by PC users. This page is also designed for PC users. PC users perform 100s of different sorts of tasks each day. Typing text is also one of those tasks that a user has to do each day. The online tool given on this page is designed for free & fast text typing in the Italian language. You can type unlimited text with this language tool. A short introduction and instruction note is given for better and more handy use of this tool. There is no text limit and the typed text is also very easy to use.

Italian Language

While Italian is a Romance language of Indo European family and it is the official language of 4 countries including Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, and Switzerland. Italian is one of the best Romance languages to learn and the Italian language is spoken by around 66,000,000 people. Italian is the easiest language and Italian is the most widely spoken in the country of Italy. Italian is spoken by 97.41% of the population in Italy.

Writing Script of Italian Language

The Italian language is written in the Latin writing system with the Italian alphabet.

Is Italian text typing free?

Yes, you can type unlimited Italian text free of cost.

How many L2 speakers of Italian language?

This language has around 14 to 15 million L2 speakers.

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