Japanese Typing

Japanese is one of the globally famous languages. It is mainly spoken in Japan. There might be a writing keyboard for the Japanese language on a PC but if your PC does not have a Japanese typing keyboard then you can type it with this online Japanese typing tool.

This online tool is designed to type Japanese text on your PC. It has a fast speed, high accuracy, and is very user-friendly. The user-friendly design of this tool allows you to start typing Japanese text straightaway. This tool allows you to type unlimited text and also you can use your Japanese text easily.

Japanese Typing


  • Add the sign = to type a small kana: a=, i=, u=, e=, o= & tsu= (or q)
  • Type the circumflex accent (â, Â) for the long vowels or, for the katakana, type the underscore _ after the vowel


As a PC user, you often need to type text on your PC via its keyboard. When you look at the keyboard it only supports one or some keyboards may support more than one language. But what about the thousands of other languages spoken around the world? PC users do communicate with people around the world who speak different languages. Or PC users also have to type any sort of text in a foreign language for some purpose. In this regard, they need a typing keyboard that can type text in their desired language. Online typing tools are popular when it comes to text typing on PC.

Are you looking for a Japanese text typing tool? Above on this page, a supremely designed, highly accurate, fast, and user-friendly tool is given for typing text in this Japanese. This tool offers a straightforward setup and you can start your Japanese text typing without wasting a second. There is no word counter as you can type unlimited text. Moreover, three options are given above the typing box. These options help you to copy, save, or print your Japanese text with ease.

Japanese Language

It is the most important and most spoken language in the world with over 1.5 billion speakers. While Japanese is the official and national language of Japan. Almost 99% Japanese population speaks Japanese as their first language. The Japanese language belongs Japonic language family. It has around 128 million speakers mainly from Japan. Speakers of the Japanese language are called Japanese people or simply Japanese.

Writing Script of Japanese Language

The Japanese language is written in mixed scripts of Kanji and Kana. Kanji is a set of Chinese characters while Kana denotes Hiragana & Katakana (two Japanese syllabaries).

How many people speak Japanese language?

This language is spoken by around 128 million people. Most of them are native to this language and are mainly from Japan as 99% of people in Japan speak this language.

How many letters in Japanese alphabet?

Japanese standard alphabet consists of 5 vowels and 14 consonants which collectively correspond to 99 different sounds.

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