Kurdish Typing

Are you in need of an online Kurdish typing tool? We have developed an amazing online tool for typing text in the Kurdish language. It is compatible with all sorts of devices. Typing on a PC in a foreign language is always tough but as for as Kurdish typing is concerned, this tool will make text typing super-easy. Basic guidelines and compulsory notes about this typing tool and the Kurdish language are also given on this page. The typed text is also very easy to use as you can copy, save or print it.

Kurdish Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type c=, s= to have ç, ş
  • Type e=, i=, u= to have ê, î, û, and e==, i==, u== for é, í, ú

kurmancî c ç ê î j ş û
yekgirtú j c é í jh sh ú


We are living in a world of modern technology and the internet is connecting us with different people around the world. People living in different countries and regions of the world are different from each other in many regards. One difference among the people of different areas of the world is the language spoken by them because different people speak different languages. Due to the globalization of people via the internet, people from different regions of the world interact with each other. But language differences make their communication a bit tricky. Hence, people look for different language tools.

If you are willing to communicate with a Kurdish guy via text message or you wanna type any sort of text in this language on your PC then this tool is very helpful for you. This tool enables the users to type unlimited text in the Kurdish language. It is a user-friendly and free-of-cost text typing tool where you can start typing Kurdish text immediately. It allows you to copy, save or print typed text with ease.

Kurdish Language

Kurdish is a language spoken by the Kurds and a group of people who lived in parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, and also estimated speakers of the Kurdish language are 25 million people. Approximately 20% people of Americans speak Kurdish as their first language and also there are many numbers of people from other groups who speak and understand the Kurdish language.

Writing Script of Kurdish Language

It is written in Latin script with the Hawar alphabet.

How many letters in Kurdish alphabet?

This alphabet is comprised of 35 letters. This set has most of the Latin alphabet letters and also some additional letters as well.

How many people speak Kurdish as native language?

This language has around 30 million native speakers. Most of its native speakers are from Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Armenia, and, Azerbaijan.

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