Kyrgyz Typing

If you are searching for an online Kyrgyz typing tool, then this page might prove the end of your search. As this page has a perfect online typing tool for the Kyrgyz language. This online tool is compatible with PC as well as mobile and you can type your text from any device easily. It is a completely free, highly reliable, fast, and, user-friendly typing tool. There is no word limit at all and you can type as many words as you need. Furthermore, the typed text can be used easily by copying it, saving it, or printing it.

Kyrgyz Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type n=, s=, c= for ñ ş ç
  • Type o=, u= for ö, ü
  • Type double ii for ı


If your PC does not support a built-in keyboard for the Kyrgyz language then typing text on your PC in this language is very tricky. In this situation, users either install a Kyrgyz language keyboard on their PC or try an online typing tool. Installation of a keyboard on a PC also takes a lot of time. If you are unfamiliar with this language then it becomes more difficult to type in this language.

On this page, we are offering a user-friendly, fast, and reliable online Kyrgyz typing tool. All the instructions about the use of this Kyrgyz typing tool are given here so that you can easily type your desired Kyrgyz text. This online Kyrgyz typing keyboard has no word limit and you can type as much Kyrgyz text as you want. This online keyboard has three options to use your typed Kyrgyz text. You can copy this Kyrgyz text to the clipboard, save it as a text file, or can directly print it.

Kyrgyz Language

Kyrgyz is a Turkic language of the Kipchak branch and also Kyrgyz is spoken in central Asia it is also the Official language of Kyrgyzstan. The Kyrgyz language is also spoken in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, and Russia and it becomes popular between 1928 and 1940. Approximately 5.1 million people are spoken by this language.

Writing Script of Kyrgyz Language

This language is written in Cyrillic script and Perso-Arabic script. It is written in the Kyrgyz alphabet.

Where Kyrgyz language is spoken?

This is the national, official, and most spoken language in Kyrgyzstan. In addition, it also has speakers in the Pamir Mountains.

How many letters in Kyrgyz alphabet?

This language has 36 letters. 33 are from the Russian alphabet and 3 other additional letters.

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