Macedonian Typing

Looking for online Macedonian typing software? Here we have the best one for you. This typing software is developed by professional experts. It let you type text on your PC very quickly and easily. You can type unlimited text instantly as this online tool has no word limit and offers a straightforward setup for text typing. Basic typing instructions for the Macedonian language and a brief intro to this language are also given. Moreover, the typed text can be used easily by either copying or saving it as a file. You can also directly print it.

Macedonian Typing


To type directly with a computer keyboard:

  • Type zh, ch, sh to have ž, č, š
  • Type an apostrophe after g and k to have ѓ and ќ
  • Type an apostrophe after e and i to have a grave accent: ѐ and ѝ


PC and smart device users are totally dependent on different tools, software, and technology assets. Usually, a user has a set of software, tools, and assets on his device/PC to perform various functions. One of those tools is typing keyboard. When it comes to a PC, you do have a hardware keyboard as well as keyboard software is also installed on the PC. But a PC keyboard only supports typing in one or two languages. Hence, you need a platform where you can type text in your desired language.

For typing text in different languages, PC users head to online typing platforms. This page has software for typing text in the Macedonian language. Here you can type text with ease. There is no word limit for typing text. Basic instructions are also given for text typing. You can copy your Macedonian text, can print it, or save it as a file.

Macedonian Language

The Macedonian language is part of the Indo-European family and it is the official language of North Macedonia and is spoken by 2 million people as their first language. Krume Kepeski was the grammar developer of the Macedonian language and most of the modifications in the Macedonian language took place between 1945 and 1950.

Writing Script

This language is written in Cyrillic script with the Macedonian alphabet.

How many letters in Macedonian alphabet?

The Macedonian language is written Cyrillic script with some variations with a set of 31 letters.

Is Macedonian typing tool free to use?

Yes, this Macedonian typing tool is 100% free to use and allows unlimited text typing.

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