Norwegian Typing

This online language typing platform is a most comfortable tool which helps to type in Norwegian words, letters, and alphabets. This online Norwegian typing keyboard is very simple and also very easy to use. This online language typing tool is used to learn and improve the typing of the Norwegian language which very helpful in the future and also help in getting jobs. This online language typing keyboard is amazing and it is type unlimited words because there is no daily limit. With the help of this online Norwegian typing keyboard, you can get a direct print of this text, save it as your personal file, and also copy it to paste it on any social application to share it with others.

Norwegian Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type a=  a==  o=  to get: å æ ø

Description of Norwegian Typing

This is an amazing keyboard that is used for typing in the Norwegian language that helps to understand the Norwegian alphabet. By using this online typing tool you can memorize the keywords of your own language and use them where you want. This online platform is best for you to use and you easily improve your typing speed which helps you to get opportunities in this language. This online Norwegian typing keyboard is a tool that is free of cost, it is very fast to use and provides accurate word typing. By using this amazing online typing tool you can practice your language words and you become typing master in Norwegian within no time.

Norwegian Language

Norwegian is a North Germanic language and it is the official language of Norway where it is mainly spoken. The Norwegian language has approximately 5.32 million people, native speakers. This language is one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers and like most of the languages in Europe, the Norwegian language descends from the Proto-Indo-European language, and also it is today's spoken language. It is one of the top most languages which is spoken in Norway. The Norwegian language is closely related to the Danish language but they sound very different from one another and most of the majority of people of Norway can speak English with Norwegian.

Writing Scrip of Norwegian Language

The Norwegian alphabet is based on the Latin alphabet and also it consists of 29 letters.


What is the Å in the Norwegian language?

The Å in the Norwegian language is the end.

Which letters are not used in the spelling of Norwegian words?

The letters c, q, w, x and z are not used in the spelling of Norwegian words, and Since 1917 it consists of 29 letters.

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