Pashto Typing

This is an online free typing keyboard that makes it possible for Pashto language typing. Pashto typing online keyboard is unique, it is very simple, more accurate, and has a beautiful design of keyboard layout.  Most PCs, laptops, MacBooks, etc have only a typing keyboard for English typing and to understand the different languages most users have to install other additional applications but today online typing keyboards are in great use. This is an amazing Pashto online typing keyboard. Here you can type unlimited text in the Pashto language with this typing tool.

Pashto Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • For the letters with a diacritic sign, add an apostrophe
    example: t', c', H' (or x), d', z', z'', s', s'', G', y', y''
  • type J, G for ع   ځ
  • type the double letters tt, dd, rr, kk, nn, to add a ring: ڼ ګ ړ ډ ټ

Description of Pashto Typing

This is one of the best Pashto online typing keyboards which works amazingly to understand the Pashto language. By using this Pashto online typing keyboard there is no physical button for typing Pashto language and also this website not takes too much time and is not time-consuming. On this website, we have provided a highly accurate, easy to use and fast Pashto typing online keyboard and also all the instructions about this are discussed thoroughly on this website, and using this you can easily type your Pashto text here easily. This Pashto Typing online keyboard is completely free of cost and it is more accurate. Here you don’t need to install Pashto fonts or enable the Pashto keyboard on your personal computers and by using this you will directly type into Pashto online.

Pashto typing online keyboard is a virtual Pashto Typing keyboard that allows you to type in the Pashto letters online without installing the Pashto keyboard first you can write in Pashto languages letters using an online Pashto Typing keyboard with characters shown on the screen and then start typing with Pashto keyboard by using this online keyboard.

Pashto Language

The Pashto language is an Indo-European language family and Pashto is known in historical Persian literature as Afghani. The Pashto language is spoken as a native language by ethnic Pashtuns and it is the official language of Afghanistan. There are 40-60 million native speakers of the Pashto language. The Pashto language is the second largest provincial language of Pakistan and it is spoken mainly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

 Writing script of Pashto Language

Pashto is written in Arabic Naskh and the Pashto language uses all 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet.

Is this Pashto typing online keyboard easy and fast?

Yes, this online typing keyboard is very easy to use and fast and also it is a more accurate Pashto online typing keyboard.

How is the Pashto Language written?

The Pashto language is written in Arabic and also Pashto uses all 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet.

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