Persian Typing

This Persian typing online keyboard is free of cost and also we have prepared a very good and easy Persian typing online keyboard. With the help of this Persian typing online keyboard, you can easily pass your official Persian typing test, and also by using this online keyboard you can learn Persian typing easily and more quickly. This helps you to easily know about Persian typing and if you Persian typing then you can easily get jobs related to Persian typing. By using this online typing keyboard you can copy your Persian text and also you can print your text to save for future use. By using the Persian typing online keyboard you can write unlimited words of Persian.

Persian Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • To add a diacritic sign, type an apostrophe
    example: t', j' (or c), H' (or x), d', s', S', T', G', k' (or g)
  • Type aa or â to have ā
  • Type / to avoid the ligature between two characters

Description of Persian Typing

By using this Persian typing online keyboard is an amazing keyboard That helps you to understand and learn about Persian typing. This Persian typing online Keyboard is very easy to use, fast and provides accurate typing and it is also free of cost. This Persian Typing online keyboard has no daily word limit and you can type unlimited words of Persian also by using this online keyboard you can save your typing words, as well as you can print these Persian texts for your future use. This helps you to get jobs easily related to Persian typing. This online Persian typing keyboard provides three options to you these are you can easily copy it to the homepage, save this text as a file, and you can directly print it.

Persian Language

Persian language also known as Farsi is a Western Iranian language belonging to the Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian subdivision of the Indi-European languages and Persian is the official language of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. There are 70 million native speakers of the Persian language and also there are 110 million total speakers. The Persian language is also known as Farsi in Iran, Tajik in Tajikistan, and also Dari in Afghanistan, and also It is the easiest language.

Writing Script of Persian Language

The speakers of Persian use an alphabet that is based on the Arabic script, which is of Aramaic origin and it uses the Arabic alphabet with four extra letters for a total of 32 characters.

What are the advantages of a Persian typing keyboard?

By using this Persian typing online keyboard you can easily copy the text, save it as a file, and can directly print this text easily.

Who speaks the Persian language?

Persian has spoken to the people of Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, And also in Uzbekistan. There are 110 million people who can speak the Persian language.

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