Serbian Typing

Are you willing to type something in the Serbian language on your PC or any other device? Mostly there are built-in language keyboards for text input in all sorts of devices but there are thousands of languages spoken around the world as you know. There is no input language keyboard for each of these languages in a PC or other devices. If you are willing to type Serbian text but your device does not have this language keyboard then try this online Serbian typing tool.

This online Serbian typing tool will allow you to start text typing straight away without setting up anything. Here you can type unlimited Serbian text without any limitations. All the basic guidelines about typing Serbian text with this online tool are given on this page. Moreover, the typed text is also very easy to use as you can copy it, save a file, or print it.

Serbian Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type z=, c=, s= (or zh, ch, sh) for ž, č, š
  • Type d=, t= (or d-, c') for đ, ć


Typing in different languages has always been a tough ask for PC users because they install additional files for other language keyboards. Moreover, there is no proper guidance about the use of the keyboard and no idea about the writing script of this specific language. Hence, PC users are heavily reliant on online keyboards and typing platforms. Because the online keyboard does not require you to install any sort of files. This not just makes typing easy but also saves a lot of time.

On this page, we are offering an online Serbian typing platform where you can type your text in the Serbian language. It is quite easy to use and allows you to start typing straight away. Here you can type as much Serbian text as you need. This typed Serbian text is easy to use as you can copy it to a clipboard, save it as a file, or can print it.

Serbian Language

The Serbian language is the official language of the Republic of Serbia and it is also spoken by minorities living in other countries. The Serbian language is created by the monks Cyril and Methodius in the 9th century and the Serbian language is the most famous language. Serbs are very social and outgoing and they tend to be very open with each other about emotional and also personal issues. The foremost Serbian spiritual values and mores are tied to the struggle and war to save the language.

Writing Script of Serbian Language

 The Serbian language is written in Serbian Cyrillic. It is a variant of the Cyrillic alphabet with a little few variations.

How many letters in Serbian Cyrillic alphabet?

This writing script comprised a set of 30 letters 25 of which are consonants and 5 vowels.

How many people speak Serbian language?

This language has around 13 million native speakers. In addition to these native speakers, some L2 speakers are also there.

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