Slovenian Typing

Are you looking for an online Slovenian typing keyboard for typing Slovenian text on your PC? Then try this online platform designed for 100% free, fast & easy Slovenian typing. Here you can start typing Slovenian text in the given box straightaway. Here you are not restricted to any word limit as you can type unlimited text here in the Slovenian language. You can copy your Slovenian text, print it, or save it as a file.

Slovenian Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type = to add a diacritic sign: c=, s=, z=


Typing text in a foreign language has become easy with the introduction of online keyboards because you don't need to install any files or apps for different foreign language keyboards. Online keyboards have super-fast, easy, and straightforward setups where you can start typing your desired language text immediately. This page has an online keyboard for the Slovenian language. You can type your Slovenian text here. This page has all the basic typing instructions about the Slovenian language. You can type unlimited Slovenian text and can use it according to your need by copying it, saving it as a file, or printing it.

Slovenian Language

Slovenian language is also called Slovene. It is a South Slavic language. It belongs to the Indo-European family of languages. It has over 3 million speakers and most of them are native to this language. It is mainly spoken in Slovenia and national & official language of this country.

Writing Script of Slovenian Language

This language is written in the Slovene alphabet in Latin script.

Where Slovenian language is spoken?

This language is mainly spoken in Slovenia and has some other speakers in other parts of neighboring countries.

How many letters in Slovenian alphabet?

This alphabet consists of 25 letters.

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