Somali Osmanya

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Somali Osmanya Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type K, S, D (or k=  s=  d= ) to get: kh, sh, dh
  • Type A, E, O (or a=  e=  o= ) to get the long vowels: ā ē ō
  • Type an apostrophe to get the first letter of the alphabet


Somali is an unfamiliar language to most people of the world. This is a sort of tough language and typing this language is also very difficult, especially on a PC. We have developed an online platform for typing Somali in Osmanya script. This platform has all the instructions to type in this script. Basic information about this language is also given for your complete guidance.

Somali Language

Somali is a language of the Afroasiatic family, specifically the Cushitic branch. Native speakers of this language are the Somali people. In addition to being an official language in Somalia and Somaliland, the language is also extensively spoken in Ethiopia. It is spoken in the northeastern part of Kenya and is the official language of Djibouti. About 21.8 million people worldwide are fluent in Somali. Approximately 7.8 million people worldwide use it as their primary language. Somali is spoken daily by the people who call that country home. Roughly 95% of the country's population can communicate in it. The vast majority speak Somali of Djiboutians.

Writing Script of Somali Language

The Somali language is written in the Osmanya script.

How many letters in Somali Osmanya?

Osmanya script of the Somali language has a total of 32 letters.

Where Somali language is spoken?

Somali is mainly spoken in Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, and Eritrea.

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