Sorani Typing

Typing on a PC with a keyboard is what a PC user has to do very often. But when a PC user has to type in a foreign language or in a language other than the mother language of the keyboard then it becomes very irritating and time-consuming. There are a lot of issues in typing such a language. Initially, you have to find the language keyboard for that particular language from the 'language setting' of your PC. If this language is not there then you have to install a keyboard file for that language. All this takes a lot of time.

In this case, online typing keyboards are the best way to type in various languages. If you are willing to type in the Sorani language, then this online typing platform is perfect for you. Here you can type unlimited Sorani text. It is a very user-friendly and 100% free online Sorani typing platform for PC users.

Sorani Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • To add a diacritic sign, type an apostrophe; example: z', s', G'
  • The double letters ll & rr become ڵ & ڕ
  • Type H, G, G' to have these characters used in dialects:
      lettres translittération
    H ح   h'
    G ع   e'
    G' غ   x'


Sorani is sort of a typical language and most PCs do not support this language for typing. If you are in need to type in this Sorani language then don't waste your time finding this language in your PC language setting or installing a keyboard file on your PC. Try this online platform for typing your Sorani text with ease. This platform offers you a straightforward Sorani typing setup where you can type unlimited Sorani text. This text can be copied printed or saved as a file.

Sorani Language

The Central Kurdish language is also known as Sorani. This language is a Kurdish dialect. It has around 8 to 9 million speakers and most of them are native. Most speakers of this language are from Iraq. It is one of the two official languages of Iraq.

Writing Script of Sorani Language

Sorani language is written in Perso-Arabic script. It is written in Sorani Kurdish alphabet.

Where Sorani language is spoken?

Sorani language has around 8 to 9 million speakers and most f them are from Iraqi Kurdistan.

How many letters in Sorani Kurdish alphabet?

Nowadays, the Sorani language is written in a modified Persian alphabet and has 33 letters.

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