Spanish Typing

Are you willing to type in the Spanish language with an online typing keyboard? Try this amazing online Spanish typing platform. This platform offers a user-friendly typing setup where you can start typing Spanish text straightaway without setting up anything. All the instructions about this language and typing of Spanish language are given here. You can type unlimited Spanish text here. This Spanish text easy to copy, print or save as a text file.

Spanish Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type a=  e=  i=  o=  u=  to add an acute accent: á é í ó ú
  • Type u==  for ü
  • Type n= for ñ
  • Type ?=  and !=  to get ¿ and ¡

The signs ¿ and ¡ are used at the beginning of interrogative and exclamatory sentences.

Copy + & Paste +



The special characters can be typed with the key and this code:

á é í ó ú ñ Ñ ¿ ¡
160 130 161 162 163 164 165 168 173


Spanish is a frequently used language and you have to type this language on your PC very often. If your PC does not have a built-in language keyboard for Spanish then typing Spanish text on your PC becomes irritating. In this case, you either go to install a Spanish language keyboard on your PC or look for an online typing keyboard. Installing a keyboard on a PC is also time-consuming and you also don't have an idea that how to type. If you are unfamiliar with the Spanish language then it becomes very tough to type in this language.

But this online Spanish typing platform allows you to type Spanish text with ease. You will get all the instructions and basic information about the keyboard's key for Spanish typing. Moreover, you don't have to set up any file or page for typing in this language because this online typing platform offers a straightforward typing setup where you can start typing your Spanish text straightaway. Here you can type unlimited Spanish words and can copy them to your clipboard. You can also save this Spanish text as a file or can print it as well.

Spanish Language

Spanish is a Romance language. It evolved from colloquial Latin and belongs to the Indo-European family of languages. It is a well-known global language and is the official language of around 20 countries. Globally, this is a very important language with over 600 million speakers around the world. After Mandarin Chinese, the Spanish language has the most native speakers with over 500 native speakers. Mainly speakers of this language are from the Americas and Spain.

Writing Script of Spanish Language

This language is written in the Spanish alphabet. It is based on the Latin script. All 26 letters of Latin plus an additional letter (ñ).

How many people speak Spanish language?

The Spanish language has over 500 million Native speakers which are the second most native speakers after Mandarin Chinese. It has more than 100 million L2 speakers as well.

How many letters are there in Spanish alphabet?

The Spanish alphabet is based on Latin script. It has a total of 27 letters 26 of which are Latin letters from A to Z and an additional letter 'ñ'.

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