Tajik Typing

Are you willing to type a Tajik text piece on your PC? Try this online Tajik typing keyboard. This online typing keyboard is specially designed for easy typing of the Tajik language. It does not require you to set up anything at all. You just open this page and start typing Tajik text straightaway. It is quick and saves a lot of time. All the basic information about the Tajik language and its typing is also given on this page. Moreover, there is no text limit at all and you can type unlimited Tajik text. The typed Tajik text can be used easily by copying it to the clipboard or saving it as a file. You can also print this Tajik text directly from this page.

Tajik Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type = to add diacritic signs: g=, z=, c=, s= (also transliterated gh, zh, ch, sh)
  • Type i= and u= for ī and ū


There are thousands of languages in the world and thousands of different writing scripts are also there to write these languages. Different languages have different numbers of writing alphabets and different writing scripts. So no one can master the writing script and typing rules of different languages. For typing different languages, we need keyboards for these different languages. There are virtual keyboards for typing different languages on mobile. You just have to select your desired language on mobile to type in this language. But on PC, it is quite tough to type in various languages despite having built-in keyboard options for different languages because keys on your keyboard only denote a single language or may denote two languages. But you don't know exactly for all languages with which key you will get a specific alphabet of the desired language.

For this purpose, online language keyboards are developed which make typing in different languages quite easy and useful. This page has also an online keyboard that is designed to type in the Tajik language. This language keyboards have all the instructions about its use on this page and also all the basic alphabets and their corresponding keys are also mentioned above. Hence, you can easily type anything in the Tajik language. Also, there are no words limit and you can type unlimited Tajik text. The typed Tajik text can be copied, printed, or saved according to your need.

Tajik Language

Tajik is a Persian variant spoken in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, and Kazakhstan. Tajik is also a written version of the Persian language. There are 8 million people worldwide that are able to speak Tajik, with 6.3 million of those people living in Tajikistan alone. It may come as a surprise to you to learn that in 1932, Stalin changed the name of the Persian language spoken in Tajikistan to Tajik. This was done so that Persian speakers in Iran and Central Asia might be distinguished from one another. When it comes to politicians and other officials, the majority of public discourse is typically delivered in the Kulob dialect. This language has a total of six vowels in its alphabet.

 Writing Script of Tajik Language

The Tajik language has three writing scripts. These are the Perso-Arabic, Latin, and Cyrillic scripts.

Where Tajik language is spoken?

It is the main language of Tajikistan and most people in this country speak this language.

How many people speak Tajik as native language?

This language has around 8.5 million native speakers.

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