Turkish Typing

Are you in need of an online platform where you can type in the Turkish language without installing the Turkish keyboard on your PC? Then this is what you were looking for. This page has an online Turkish typing keyboard for you. It is a completely free, fully featured online platform for Turkish typing where you can type unlimited Turkish text with complete guidelines. It is easy to use as you can start typing Turkish text without setting up anything. The typed text can be used in multiple ways as this online Turkish typing platform gives you options to save it as a file, copy it to your clipboard, or directly print it.

Turkish Typing


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Type c=, g=, s= to have ç, ğ, ş
  • Type o=, u= to have ö, ü
  • Type i=, I= to add or delete the point: ı, İ


Do you wanna communicate with a Turkish guy or willing to type a text piece in the Turkish language on your PC? try this online Turkish typing platform. Usually, you need to download & install a language keyboard on your PC to type in this language. But online typing platforms make this a lot easier for the users. There are plenty of online platforms which are offering typing services in different languages. But for Turkish typing, this page will prove the best one for you. It is a very quick, reliable, and user-friendly online Turkish typing keyboard where you can type unlimited Turkish text without any worry.

Turkish Language

It is the most spoken Turkic language with over 88 million native speakers and a total of around 95 million speakers. It is the national and official language of Turkey. It is also spoken in Northern Cyprus. There are also some smaller communities in Iraq, Germany Austria, and Bulgaria.

Writing Script of Turkish Language

It is written in the Turkish alphabet in Latin script.

How many letters in Turkish alphabet?

The Turkish alphabet is comprised of 29 letters.

how modern Turkish developed?

Ottoman Turkish was the language of Turk people for centuries during the ottoman empire but the influence of foreign languages like Arabic, Persian, and some other languages changed ottoman Turkish a lot. In 1928 it was totally developed as a new language which is now recognized as the modern Turkish language.

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