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Online free Welsh-to-English translator lets you quickly translate Welsh text into English. You can translate sentences, phrases, or paragraphs of text from Welsh to English quickly and efficiently.

Translating between Welsh and English takes seconds, and you can translate as many as 2000 characters with just one click. Welsh, along with English, is spoken by many people from all over the world. Our Welsh-to-English translator can assist you in learning or understanding the fundamental text in these languages when you're proficient in one language and are learning the other.

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This online language converter is for the conversion of given Welsh text into English. This language converter is very powerful, accurate, & fast. Within a second or two, it can easily change the given text content from Welsh to English with just a tap/click on the 'translate' button. Translations made by this language translator are quite accurate as there are plenty of reliable sources are at backing this online translator.

This language translator includes Welsh & English as the object and target languages respectively. English is a globally known and most spoken language of the world. It is understandable for people from most parts of the world. Hence most languages are usually translated into English for better understanding for people around the globe.

Welsh or Gymraeg Welsh is one of the Celtic spoken languages that are part of the Brittonic subgroup, which people speak of the Welsh population. Welsh is spoken in native Wales, by a small portion of England, and some in Y Wladfa (the Welsh colony located in Chubut Province, Argentina). It has been identified in English in the past as "British."

In 2011, the Welsh Language Measure 2011 granted the Welsh language the status of an official language in Wales, making it the only one officially recognized in all within the United Kingdom, with English formally recognized as official. The Welsh and the English spoken languages have been declared legally and formally recognized in the Welsh Parliament.

What is the process for Welsh conversion to English Translation?

We translate Welsh to English through Google as well as Microsoft APIs. We transmit the Welsh text to these services, and they reply to us with a response translated into English.

They rely on vast amounts of information about the Welsh language as well as the English language. Using the latest technology, they can offer us translations of words that are English and Welsh.

Is this Welsh to English translation software free to use?

Yes, this translation tool is 100% free and gives highly satisfying translation results.

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