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Change your English text instantly to the Shona language with this super-fast, accurate, and free language translator. Paste/write the text content to be changed in the first box and click the 'Translate' button to get the required translation in the Shona language. You can convert 2000 characters at once.

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This language translator converts any given English content to the Shona language with accuracy. This translator is very easy to use and lightning fast. All you need is to copy your English content and paste it in the upper box given for English content. You can also directly write your content. Once you have provided the content to be changed, just click/tap the translate button to get a translation of your content in the Shona language instantly. You can copy your translation results, can save them as a file, or can print it from this page.

Shona is one of the Bantu languages (a group of about 500 languages indigenous to 27 different African countries). This language has over 7.5 million native speakers living in Zimbabwe. It is a standard written language with proper grammar and orthography.

Is Shona a written language?

Shona has orthography & grammar and is a written language. Its grammar and orthography were codified during the start of the 20th century which was later fixed in the 1950s.

How to use a language translator?

This language translator is very easy to use. You have to put the content to be converted in the upper box, and click/tap the translate button given b/w boxes to get your translation results in the lower box.

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